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1.How long have you been playing basketball? I’ve been playing ever since I could remember. My dad is a basketball coach so he got me started when I was really young.   2.What is your favorite part about the sport? I would probably say the intensity of the game.   3.What is your least favorite


– 1.  How long have you been playing basketball? I’ve been playing basketball for 10 years.   – 2. What made you want to start playing basketball? I started watching players like Kobe and LeBron and fell in love with the game.   – 3. How many hours a week do you put into practice?

coach Rodger boys varsity soccer

COACH ROGER PALENCIA BOYS SOCCER COACH INTERVIEW   1) Have you played soccer before you coached? I played soccer growing up until College I played forward but mainly rt wing. 2)why did you start coaching? I wanted to help develop future players not only for the game but for life. They both mimic each other.


ANDRES LOPEZ INTERVIEW how long have you played soccer? Since I was a about six id play with my family what made you start soccer? My family uncles and cousins. do you have a lucky number? 19 what position do you play? Forward what are your personal goals for the season? Score a lot of

Coach Interview; Steve Hemenway

How long have you been teaching at La Serna? I am in my 28th year   How long have you been the girls basketball coach?    I coached for 17 years from 1990-2007; stopped for over 10 years and than began coaching last year.   What high school did you attend and did you play

Player Interview Basketball

What is your name ? Rosalie Avalos What do you enjoy most about the sport ? I enjoy that I can play basketball anywhere and at anytime. How long have you been playing basketball? I’ve been playing since I was 5. What is your favorite sports movie? My favorite sports movie would either be Coach

All Teams Schedule: Week of Dec 03 – Dec 09

Dec 03 Girls Varsity Basketball at Tba Valley Christian Trny TBA   Dec 03 Boys Varsity Basketball at Sonora Sonora Tournament TBA   Dec 04 Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Schurr High School Schurr 3:15 pm | La Serna High School Dec 04 Boys Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Schurr High School Schurr 3:15 pm | California


What made you want to start wrestling? My cousin made me want to start wrestling How long have you been wrestling? Since freshman year(He was the only freshman to go to CIF) What weight class do you compete? 220 What skills are needed in your weight class? Not much skill you could use in my

Coach Interview: Erin Verstegen

1.What is your philosophy of coaching and its relationship to education?        I believe there is a connection between coaching, playing sports and education. Skills and lessons learned from coaches can be applied in educational studies as well as life.    2. How do you deal with multiple sport athletes? I personally encourage

Boys Varsity Soccer: Player Interview Eric Soto

How long have you been playing soccer? I have been playing soccer for as long as I could remember.   What position do you play? Center Back   What makes soccer fun for you? I really like the simplicity of the game, it’s so simple but yet so complicated. There is more to the game