What do you give up to play soccer?


I give up hanging out with friends and family and I miss important events due to games and practices.

What position do you play and is that your favorite, or would you rather play another?


I switch off with playing forward and attacking mid. My favorite position would be forward because I’m able to create more up top with my flicks.

Have you ever played another sport or are interested in playing another sport?


I’ve played travel softball and basketball, but I’ve always wanted to try volleyball.

Have you ever gotten an injury while playing? If yes how?


I’ve gotten many injuries while playing, I would say I’m injury prone. One recent injury happened from me and my opponent sprinting to kick the ball, we kicked at the same time in opposite directions and I couldn’t walk for a month/

What is the best part about competing?


The best part about competing would definitely be the dirty remarks and plays from the other team because it rattles the crowd and our team up making us go even harder.

What are three reasons you like being a part of a team sport?


I love building bonds with my teammates, I enjoy hearing my teammates push one another to keep pushing when we get closer to giving up because we’re tired and I love to see us grow together not as a team, but as individuals.

What emotions do you feel when you play?


Emotions I feel when I play would be passion, joy and anger. Passion and joy because I love the sport, but anger since that’s something I use when I’m out there so I can take my frustrations out on the other team. I’ve notices my opponent does something to make me mad and that makes me push even harder. I use it as fuel.

What is your favorite song to listen to prior to a game?


I don’t necessarily have a specific song because I’ve created a whole playlist to hype me up, but a song I can say I always play before a game would be OPERA by D Savage.

Who inspires you as a young athlete?


My grandpa would be my biggest inspiration because he’s taught me everything I know especially my signature move and I always try to be the hardest worker on and off the field, not just for myself but for him.

Would you like to play soccer in college?


I don’t want to play soccer in college because I want my focus to be revolved around school, but I would love to join an organization where I can go play in my free time and relieve stress.

What college would you like to go to?


I want to go to USC because they have one of the best sports medicine programs.

What career are you thinking of pursuing?


The career I am thinking of pursuing would be an athletic trainer/nutritionist

What do you eat before games?


I usually have a smoothie to give my body the nutrition and energy it needs.

Do you practice outside of school?


I practice outside of school on my own and I also meet with my trainer during the week for weight training.

Do you play the same position in school and in club?


Yes I do play the same position for both school and club.