1. How do you keep yourself motivated to continue running?

I think about how much work I have put into this sport and how it would not make sense to just give up.

2. Have you ever gotten injured while running? If so how? 

Yes; I have dealt with numerous knee, hip, groin, and ankle injuries through the past 4 years.

3. What makes running enjoyable for you? 

My teammates is what makes running enjoyable for me. Running alone is very hard and very boring but running with my teammates makes time go faster.

4. What is your favorite thing about being in the La Serna Cross Country team? 

My favorite thing about being on the LSXC team is making new friendships and getting to lead the underclass men to help them become our next varsity runners.

5. When did you join the team and why? 

I joined my freshman year because my parents wouldn’t let me play football and I needed the PE credits.

6. What has been your fastest running time so far? 

My fastest 3 mile time was 17:10 at league finals during junior year.

7. Do you plan on staying in cross country once in college? ¡

I hope to walk-in at whatever college I go to in hopes of receiving a scholarship.

8. What has been your longest distance running? 

The longest I’ve ever ran was 12 miles during our Big Bear training camp.

9. Before Covid, would you usually practice with your team or individually? 

Before COVID I would ran with my team, I would rarely run alone.

10. What has been your greatest accomplishment in cross country? 

My greatest accomplishment in XC was our junior boys team last year winning second place at the largest XC meet in the country, even while I was sick.

11. What has been your greatest difficulty and how did you overcome it? 

My greatest difficultly was having to deal with a cough for half the season during junior year. It greatly affected my performance but I was still able to shake it off and do well in the end.