How long have you been playing volleyball?


I have been playing volleyball for all 4 years of high school. In total I have been playing for 7 years.

 What is your favorite memory with your team?


The favorite memory I had with the team would be the dinners because that’s where we bonded and just messed around for fun.

What do you eat before a game?


I typically only eat a school lunch, but nothing heavy and something that is good enough to hold me over. For example, salad, chicken, oranges, apples and school lunches. 

How long do you plan on playing volleyball?


I plan to play competitively, just throughout high school.  

What is your favorite team to play against and why?


My favorite team to play against would be Cal high because of the rivalry. It is always crowded, which makes it more fun. 

 What was the worst injury you have got while playing this sport?


I sprained my ankle during practice and it was swollen and could not walk. I was out for a bit and then our season got canceled due to the Covid-19.

 Which school would you wish to play for?


I do not plan to play anywhere but it would be for UCLA.

 Do you train outside of school practices and if so what do you do?


Yes I do train outside of school. Using workout routines and running techniques. 

 What’s the most challenging aspect of this sport?


The most challenging aspect of this sport would be the playbook, meaning where people go and the best places to put the ball in just a few seconds. 

 What professional teams do you watch?


I watch Long Beach State, UCLA and the Olympic team. 

 Out of all your coaches, which one taught you the most?


My first coach when I played club. I have learned a lot from all of my coaches, but he was my first coach and gave me great knowledge of the game.

 How is your friendship with your teammates?


I have a great friendship with my teammates. We all try to talk and hang out together when we can.

Did you enjoy playing club or high school more?


I honestly cannot choose, both have their ups and downs, but high school was very competitive because of the rivalrys. 

Did you wish to play another sport?


No, I always wanted to play volleyball, it just fit me and I really enjoyed learning how to play. 

Who is your biggest supporter?


My overall family is my biggest supporter, helped me get where I am today.