What position do you play? And for how long have you been playing?


I play just about every position on the field but mainly 3rd Base and Shortstop. I have been playing baseball since I was 4. 

How do you like playing on the La Serna team? 



Playing on the La Serna team is awesome. I love playing with all the boys and we have a great time. 

Tell me about your family. 



I have the best family ever. I’ve been fortunate to have been raised by my parents Jay and Ali Clay. They’ve taught me all I know and I owe it all to them. I love them so much. I have the best siblings, my older sister Haylee who plays collegiate softball at the University of Hawaii and my little brother Luke who is always working hard to try to beat me at everything I do. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else to grow up around. 

What is your best baseball experience?



My best baseball experience was beating California  and Santa Fe High School this past year. 

What’s your favorite thing about baseball and why?



My favorite thing about baseball is being able to make diving plays. 

What do your game days look like? 



Game days usually include going up to the field after 5th period getting dressed, taped up, and eye black on, then just normal warm ups. 

What’s one of your favorite things to do outside of baseball?



My favorite thing to do outside of baseball is play football.

What encourages you to keep playing baseball? 



I keep playing baseball because I like the sport and I like to stay active and always doing something so after football season is over, I’m able to play baseball. 

During our time now with the pandemic how has it affected you?



The pandemic has really hit me hard, along with many high school students. It’s really tough not being able to go to school every day and go to sports every day. It’s hard for me, and really challenges me mentally. 

How do you feel that baseball might be starting up again?



I’m super excited that we are just able to play sports again. I’m finally able to get back out there on the field after almost a year. 

What are your plans after high school?



After high school, I’m going to attend Northern State University in South Dakota to play football and study Sports Marketing and Administration. 

What would you like to do in the future after college?



After I finish college, I hope to continue working in the sports field as a sports broadcaster or reporter of some sort. 

Have you had any injuries in baseball? 

I have not had any significant injuries during baseball. 

Is it hard to play baseball and keep up your grades for school? 

Trying to focus on sports and academics is the hardest thing about being a student athlete. You don’t get home till about 7-8 at night and then you still have to do your homework. With the amount of work that is assigned, it is very difficult to stay on top of everything.

How long will you continue to plat baseball after high school? 

As of right now, my senior year of baseball will be my last year, and even my senior year is looking a little scary.