How long have you been in Cross Country?

I have been doing it since my freshman year of highschool.


How did you get interested in Cross Country? 

I did not want to do PE so my friend introduced me to cross country.


Do you play any other sports besides Cross Country?

I also run track.


Have you played for any other teams outside of La Serna? 

I have not played for other teams other than La Serna. 


What are your goals for the team this year?

My goals for my team this year is to be able to qualify for CIF finals again and maybe qualify for state.


What are your individual goals for this year?

My individual goal this year is to be able to break my own 3-mile record and to be consistent in my races.


What do you think you would do after high school?

I would like to be in college, maybe running and studying to become a criminal investigator.


Who was the biggest motivation for you?

My biggest motivation for me is my family and team because my team and I depend on each other.


How is your relationship with your teammates ?

I have an amazing relationship with my teammates. I am thankful for them being like family.


Do you think Cross Country has made a big impact on your life?

I believe that is has because it is something that i love doing and has let me have experiences I thought I would never do


What was one of your best experiences in Cross Country?

One of my best experiences in cross country would probably be league finals because that’s the day we beat the team school record and qualifies for CIF.


What was one of your worst experiences in Cross Country?

One of my worst experiences was me getting very sick before CiF finals and still racing and I fell.


Have you ever gotten injured if so how and what were the injuries?

Thankfully I have never gotten injuries.