Who or what inspired you to join wrestling ?

 My cousin inspired me to join wrestling 

What qualities did you learn from participating in wrestling ?

 I learned Leadership, determination, and perseverance

How long have you been in your sport wrestling ?

 I have been wrestling two and a half years

How have you handled balancing school and athletics ? 

I put school first and focused on athletics after

How has your family supported you in your sport ?

My family supported me at tournaments, and gave me rides to practice 

What is your favorite subject at La Serna high school ?

 My favorite subject at La Serna High School is US history 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy lifting weights and cooking delicious food 

Did you get involved with any clubs or events in La Serna high school ?

 No, I did not get involved in any clubs

What do you like the most about your school La Serna ?

I like the athletics program the most of La Serna 

What was one challenge you had to overcome in wrestling ?

 A challenge I had to overcome was improving my strengths and coordination 

What is your favorite part of wrestling ? 

 My favorite part of wrestling is team duals 

What will you miss the most about competing in wrestling ?

I think I will miss winning with my teammates the most