What are your favorite things to do outside of school 

Outside of school I like to golf on the weekends with my friends as well as chill at home , play video games, and paintball. 

How long have you been playing tennis

I have been playing tennis since sophomore year and really enjoyed the sport. 

What made you want to play tennis

I wanted to try something new and get a feel for the sport.

Do you plan to play tennis in college 

I do actually plan on playing tennis in college to improve on this sport .

What type of injuries have you experienced during your career 

Luckily I have not experienced any injuries while playing. 

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses 

A strength I have is my speed which helps me recover a near miss , as well as my technique in serving the ball and how I hit. 

What inspires you to play tennis and why 

What inspires me to play tennis is the feeling of walking on the courts knowing I can always improve on myself and to focus on the sport I enjoy playing.

How do you prepare yourself before a match 

I prepare myself before a match by keeping calm , practicing my techniques , as well as to learn how my opponent plays.

Do you have any idols in this sport, if so who ?

 Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal ,and Nick Kyrigos are my idols in this sport 

What are some ways to keep a close bond with your teammates 

To keep a close bond, our team gathers together to get lunch at the whittwood and talk about what improvements we need to work on.

How do you adjust after a bad serve 

I figure out the problem and adjust from there. 

How do you keep calm if you are under pressure  

I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, if I’m feeling under pressure. I try to clear my mind and focus on the game to have a positive mindset