What event do you do in Track?

-I run the 100 and 200 meter dash.


What interest or hobbies do you have outside of school?

-I mostly go to the gym outside of school.


How long have you been running Track?

-I’ve been running Track since my Freshman year of high school 

What got you to decide to run track here at La Serna?

-I always like watching the track events during the Olympics so I wanted to try it out. 

Why do you like running Track?

-I always enjoyed sprinting against my friends when I was younger.

What are your plans for the future?

-I plan to do business marketing in the tech field.

What is the most difficult part of running in Track?

-For me I’d have to say nutrition, knowing when to eat before a race and how much because it can really affect your performance during a race.

What is your favorite part of Track?

-It has a sense of community and how we’re all in it to win it.


Are you close with your team?

-I’m very close with my team.

How often do you practice on your own?

-I practice at the gym by strengthening my legs so I can gain some power when I boost off the track.

What motivates you to play?

-The thrill of winning.

Do you want to play in college?

-Sure I’ll continue as much I can.