1) What position do you play and why do you think that should be your position?

    I currently play forward and I think this position fits me because I get to roam freely up top and shoot whenever I feel

2)  What qualities make you a good team captain?

      Qualities that make a good team captain are communication as well as hard work because if the captain isn’t working hard it’s not going to push the rest of the team so you have to lead by example. Communication is important as well because as a leader you need to be able to voice your opinion as well as be the voice for others sometimes 

3) Are you interested in playing college soccer, if so for what school?

    I am interested in playing college soccer for Howard or UCR 

4) If you don’t play college soccer what career would you like to do in the future?

    A career I would like to do in the future would be something related to environmental science so potentially a marine biologist 

5) What is your favorite part about competing?

    My favorite part about competing is being with my friends and getting that amazing feeling when we win or make good plays to score goals 

6) Before games what do you do to get yourself hyped up and ready to play?

    Usually before games in order for me to get hyped I listen to music to pump myself up. I also pray and read my bible

7) How many years have you been playing soccer for?

    I have been playing soccer since I was 4 so in the fall it will be my 13th year playing soccer     

8) What are some of your strengths in the sport?

       Some of my strengths in sports are my athleticism, speed and competitiveness 

9) How many years have you been on varsity?

    I made varsity my freshman year so it’s going to be 4 years now 

10) What are some of your weaknesses in the sport?

      Some of my weaknesses in sports are my confidence and specifically in soccer my touch 

11) What did being on the soccer team teach you over the years?

      Over the years being on a soccer team taught me how to be a team player as well as improved my leadership and communication skills

12) How do you balance school work and soccer?

      When I first started it was hard for me to balance school work and soccer, but as I’ve become a young adult I have learned to balance the two by creating a schedule and planning out my day so that I make time for practice and my homework. It has helped me improve my time management skills