Girls Varsity Softball · Player Interview: Skyler Sethman

Player Interview: Skyler Sethman

How long have you been playing softball for?

I’ve played softball for 10 years. 


Have you traveled to play your sport, and where has been the farthest?

Yes, every year I travel to Vegas and Colorado for tournaments during the summer. The farthest I’ve been has been Colorado. 


What are your strengths in softball?

My strengths in softball are my defense and my ability to be a great teammate.


What are your weaknesses/things to improve on?

In softball, I need to improve on being vocal and being more consistent on offense.

How do you feel about your games, what makes you want to play and do better in your game?

This season started with a rough start but our team continues to grow stronger as players and teammates. I work my hardest for my teammates, they push me to be my best.


How is the relationship between you and your teammates?

My teammates and I are more like a family than a team. We play hard for one another and love seeing one another succeed 


Do you plan on playing if you go to college?

Yes, I’m playing D1 softball at Idaho State University this upcoming year. 


When did you start playing, have you been playing softball for a long time?

I started playing when I was 7 years old, so it has been exactly 10 years since I started playing. 


Does your family support you and try to go to all games?

Yes, my family is very supportive and tries to make it to all my games. They often make a big deal if they can’t make it. 


 Would you be comfortable with your coach outside of softball or is it more of a “sports only” type relationship?

I have a very close relationship with my coaches and am totally cool with both of them outside of softball.


 What drives you to work hard each and every day at your sport?

My desire to help my teammates, be a great captain, and win every game possible pushes me to be my best out on the field. 

What is your biggest motivation to do softball?

My biggest motivation to play this game is my drive to be the best player I can be. I also love the game so much and have put so much time into it, that I won’t settle for anything less than success. 


What goals do you have for yourself this year in or out of softball?

My goal this year is to prepare myself to start for Idaho State University as a freshman and to become the best teammate I can be. I also hope to make the best of my senior year before heading off to Idaho.


Are there any last comments you want the fans to know about you or this team this year?

Even though we are rebuilding the program this year, we have a drive to be the best and we’re looking forward to dominating out on the field this year, just like the past few years.