What are your hopes for this season?

My biggest hopes for the season as a team are to win the Del Rio League Championship. As an individual I hope to drop time in all of my events.

Who are the leaders of the group?

I would say most of the senior girls are the leaders of the group including me because I will lead team stretches and motivate the younger swimmers as well as other seniors.

What do you think will be the team’s biggest problems?

The biggest team problem in my opinion is communication. At times, during practice, people do not communicate or know how to swim circle pattern which causes collisions and many people get hurt that way. We also at times (in the past) were unaware of whose going when during a relay which could lead to problems during meets.

What do you believe the team’s biggest strengths are?

The teams biggest strength is motivating each other regardless of how skilled in swim we are because, at the end, we are a team and a family. The people in the team are all close to each other which is a good thing and we do all like friendly competition.

Who are your role models?

My role model in swim is Katie Ledecky because she is a distance swimmer like me and when she swims she dominates the pool. She is also a modest and congrats all of her opponents whether she beats them or not which is what I do. I try to be as happy as possible no matter the outcome.

What are your strengths?

My strengths in swim are my endurance (which is why is do distance), my reaction time, and my flip turns because though I am small once I reach the walls or get ready to dive off the board I react as quickly as possible because I know all the other swimmer are much taller and longer than me which puts me at a disadvantage.

What do you need to do to better yourself?

I need to work on my crossovers from backstroke to breaststroke and on my breaststroke as a whole because Individual Medlays (IMs) require you to swim all the strokes so switching from one strike to another is very complicated. Breaststroke overall is my worst stroke because of the specific technique and power it requires.

How has swim affected you?

Swim has taught me that I can push myself further each and every time I get into the water. Swim has affected my confidence because while I swim I feel a lot stronger and more powerful which makes me feel better about myself.

How long have you been in swim?

I started learning how to swim when I was 6 months old and ever since I have been on and off of it.

What are your goals for this season?

My goals for this season are to drop time and push myself the hardest I can because I know this is going to be my last year of swimming competitively due to an injury I had received in the past.