Girls Varsity Track · Player Interview: Loren Landeros

What is your name and grade?

My name is Loren Landeros and I am in 12th grade.


What events do you throw?

I throw both varsity discus and shot put. 


How long have you been playing throwing?

I just started throwing my Senior year. 


When did you realize you wanted to throw?

I wanted to throw freshman year, but I didn’t have the opportunity so I decided to throw my last year. 


Do you have any role models you look up to?

Other than my mom, I look up to my teammates.


What motivates you to get better?

My teammates and my coach often motivate me.


What do you like most about throwing, and the least?

The bond I made with the team is one of the things I like most about throwing. I am not a fan of competing against my teammates.


What do you do to prepare for your meets?

Before a meet I listen to music and stretch.


How do you calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed?

I relax myself and try to think of something else.


What are some of your weaknesses and strengths?

I am stronger in throwing discus than I am in shot put.


Are there any skills that you feel like you need to improve on?

I feel I just need to practice more on my footwork and techniques. 


How do you feel about your team?

I really love my team and they are like family.


Do you have fun with your teammates?

Yes, I grew strong bonds with each and every person including coaches on the team.


What is your Personal Record? 

For shotput my personal best distance thrown is 26.3 ft and for discus throwing it is 80.7 ft


Have you had any memorable moments?

Getting my PR in both events and getting all the support from my teammates have all been memorable to me.