What is your name and grade?

My name is Jacob Garcia and I am a senior. 


How long have you been a thrower for track, what got you into it?

I have been a thrower for 4 years and my coach Mr. Verstegen suggested I should try it out and I ended up liking it. 


What events do you throw? 

I throw both discus and shot put. 


What is your personal record for discus and for shot put?

My personal record for discus is 115 and for shot put it is 42. 


What are your goals for this season as a team?

My goal for this season as a team is to leave with more throwers going to finals and having everyone ready to throw at their best to beat Cal. 


What are your personal goals?

My personal goal is to help other throwers as much as possible so they can get a further distance. Another personal goal I have is to beat my personal records.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Some of my strengths is that I can throw pretty well and I also know techniques and footwork in order to get it far. One of my weaknesses is that at times, I get into my own head and focus on my injuries. 


How do you prepare yourself before your event?

Before events I try to relax and I listen to music.


What is one of your personal challenges?

A personal challenge I currently have is throwing further than my personal record.


What/who is your biggest motivation? 

My grandmother is my biggest motivation because I want to make her proud and she always shows me so much love. 


What is one thing you feel you need to improve on this season?

I feel I need to improve on controlling my nerves.


How will you strive to improve that?

I feel by not paying attention to problems I have personally will allow me to improve.


Has any injury prevented you from reaching your goal, if so, how was it like getting back?

I have suffered injuries to my knees, ankles, and my wrist. It has been hard getting back but I am getting there. 


What is one of your best memories from track with La Serna? 

One of my best memories is from my freshman year with my amazing senior friends. The bond I had with my friends including Jeremy and Josiah, both amazing people, will always carry on with me.


Do you have a most memorable meet, if so, why is it the most memorable to you?

My most memorable meet was a meet from my freshman year when I went to the brea invitational meet because I did really well in both events.