What is your name, age, and grade?

Andres F. Aviña, 17, 12th.


What is one of your favorite things you like to do outside of school?

I like doing things that are active like going to the beach playing football with friends or even jet skiing.


Which college do you plan/wish to go to?

I’m planning on going to a community college or possibly Rio Hondo or Mt. Sac.


How many years have you been playing tennis?

About half a year. 


What made you want to play tennis?

One of my close friends was on the varsity tennis team and recommended me to do it to help the team out and so it can go on my college apps. 


Have you ever decided to play in a league outside of school? Why? 

Yes but I’m planning on playing other sports too not just tennis and perusing what I’m best at.


Has this always been your goal to make the high school tennis team?

Honestly it wasn’t planned I was just encouraged by a close friend of mine.


What makes you stay positive throughout a match?

My teammates keep me positive by giving high fives after every score or some motivation like telling me “you got this” or “don’t sweat it” etc.


What do you do to prepare before a match?

We usually match up between our team and get some games in and then having a good breakfast with a positive mindset throughout the day.


When you lose a match, what do you do to fix the mistake?

We find what our weaknesses are and try to improve them and make sure we keep or even strengthen our abilities.


What kind of injuries have you had? What was the worst?

Some injuries I had was hurting my wrist and almost rolling my ankle due to not bringing the proper shoes for tennis.


What are your strengths on the court and what pushes you to make them better? 

My strength would definitely be served and angles and every time I get the opponent to mess up on the first serve only strengthens by boosting my confidence for the next.


How do you keep a great bond with all of your teammates?

We have team bonding or when we run as a team we talk to each other, also during games we try to encourage each other by giving compliments or even just clapping after a point


How has your family been a part of your tennis successes? 

They helped me bring snacks for the team on game days and supporting during our fundraisers at Apple bees.