1.What is your favorite part about being on the swim team?

My favorite part about being on the swim team is meeting new people and connecting with each of my teammates. It is important to me that I get to know all of my teammates and make sure that everyone feels welcome and part of the swim family!!!

2. What are the goals that you wish you could accomplish this season? 

Some of my goals that I would love to accomplish this swim season would be to qualify for CIF & CIF finals again this year. It would be such a blessing and another couple of memorable races for my swim career.

3. When did you start to swim?

Ever since I was little, my parents always had me in the water. Whether it was surfing, boogie boarding, or swimming competitively, I was in the water at a very young age. I learned to swim when I was two years old and I started to swim competitively at the age of 11.


4. What made you want to start swimming?

Something about the water, has always calmed me down and made me feel so at peace. Swimming takes all of my troubles away and allows me to take everything out on the water. I wanted to swim not only because I was a good swimmer, but because I loved the connection that I had with the sport. Swimming just makes everything better!


5. Has swim made an impact in your life? If yes, explain.

Yes, swim has impacted my life in a variety of ways. Its taught me that all good things come to those who wait. By being patient, I’ve reached many goals that I’ve had in the very beginning of my swim career. Being in the sport has made me a more confident and outgoing person. As a senior, I have to lead my fellow teammates into stretches, group huddles, doing work on the pool deck, and much more. I get to lead an awesome group of kids and it’s impacted my life so much. The people, hands down, have impacted my life the most through the sport. Connecting with each swimmer has lead to many beautiful memories that I will remember forever and ever!


6. Who are you looking forward to competing against the most this season?

There are a couple of good athletes that I always compete with each year, and I am very excited to swim against a couple of girls from Sunny Hills and Bishop Amat during the Husky Invitational at Chino Hills.


7. What goals do you want to reach next season?

During this last swim season, I hope to reach my goal of getting a 25 for my 50 free and a 57 for my 100 free! I would be so grateful and feel so accomplished if I got these amazing times for my last year of high school.


8. How do you prepare for a swim meet?

Before every swim meet, I always have my music playing, which is of course either Micheal Jackson, Queen, the Temptations, or Bruno Mars. I always do my stretching routine with a group of friends and warmup my muscles in the pool for about twenty minutes.


9. Who is one person you look up to on the team that leads by example?

One person on that team that always leads by example would be Samantha Ayson. She is such an amazing swimmer and person and I always look up to her. Even though she got in a car accident and hurt her shoulder, it never stopped her from swimming and that makes me appreciate her even more. She’s my beat friend, in and out of the pool, and I am very excited for swim with her for our fourth and final year together!


10. How will you prepare for the season?

I will prepare for the season by always attending practice, lifting weights, working out in the gym, eating healthy, and spending time with my closest swim teammates!


11. What have you learned about teamwork and good sportsmanship from being on the team?  

Being on the swim for four years, I’ve learned so much about good sportsmanship. Throughout the years, there has been many occurrences where either me or the girl in the lane next to me rips a cap mid-race, doesn’t flip-turn correctly, or doesn’t get the time that they wanted. Despite on being on different teams, you have to be there for them no matter what and tell them good job. During one race in particular, CIF finals 2019, a girl did not get the time that she wanted and she started crying. I was swimming in the lane next to her and I got out of the pool and helped pull her out as well. I was there for her, because I know firsthand about messing up in a race. She was a stranger and I’ll never see her again, but I’m sure that she appreciated the help. It’s what good sportsmanship’s do, we are there for everyone, despite the team that they are on.


12. How does the team make you a better athlete?

All of my teammates makes me a better athlete. During swim meets and practices, I swim against amazing swimmers and they always push me to be the best athlete that I can. My teammates are always there for me, supporting me through all of my races and competitions and I will always appreciate it.


13. In your opinion, what is the best part about competing?

The best part about competing would be swimming with the people that I’ve known for a long time. After swimming competitively for years, you swim with the same people throughout the years and get to know them very well.


14. Do you plan on swimming at the college level?

If I attend Westmont college, then I attend on swimming for then for four years, but if I attend another university, I might not swim at the college level.