• How many years have you played as an individual player?


 I began playing volleyball when I was in 8th grade. I continued playing throughout high school, where I played varsity for all 4 years, and played in college as well. 



  • How many years have you been coaching the sport you do now?


 After I graduated I began coaching volleyball, which adds to about 16 years.



  • What schools have you coached for


 I coached at Santa Fe and La Serna high school .



  • Have you ever coached for a league outside of school? If so, which one(s)?


 The volleyball version of a league is called a club. I have coached for many clubs a few of them being club green,  club Oakley club roots and I am currently the director,of Campfire Volleyball club



  • What is a strength you have as a coach?


 The strengths I believe that I have as a coach is that I’ve been playing volleyball for many years, Which adds to my knowledge of the game immensely.



  • What may be something you may need to work on (weakness) as a coach?


 One of the weaknesses I believe that I have as a coach is being too serious in certain instances. My focus is always at 100% whether it be practice or a game, which can be too intense  for some players.



  • How many times have you won a league title?


 As a player for volleyball I won a league title twice. As a coach, I have won 13 combined league titles between the boys and girls



  • How many times have you won a CIF or other championship title besides a school league one (could be from outside of school)?


 I won a CIF of title with the boys volleyball team in 2017. As a club coach, my teams have won 2 medal at the Summer Soiree 



  • What are your goals as a coach?


 My goal as a coach is to facilitate a fun yet focused environment where players can feel safe, as well as grow in their play, knowledge, and experience with the sport



  • What are your goals for the team?


 The goal for the team is always to win, whether it be in games, league or the CIF championship. 



  • What is your relationship with your players like? 


 my players and I have a relationship that is built on respect and trust that if they listen, we can win together 



  • How do you believe you influence players to keep up the good work?


 Yes I believe that I influence players to push 100% every practice game and season



  • What are the emotions you feel during a game? 


 Even as a coach I feel pressure to not let my team down. Even if the opponents are intimidating or scary I tried to be calm and focused no matter the circumstance.



  • Do you have the same emotions and strategies for all the games you play or does it change for every opponent? If so, how do your emotions change and how may they affect the game?


Depending on the opponent, our game strategy will change in order to win. But focus is always one of the emotions that we as a team feel, no matter what the opponent is.


  1. How long do you plan on being a coach? 

 Coaching is my Passion and I plan on coaching whether it be our high school or club, for the rest of my life