Coed Varsity Wrestling · Wrestler-James Corbett

James Corbett Interview


Q: How many years have you been wrestling?

A: This would be my third year


Q: Have you wrestled in any clubs/ leagues outside of school?

A: I do not do outside clubs


Q: What goals do you have for your team this year?

A: My goal for this team is to place as a team in CIF



Q: What goals do you have for yourself this year as a wrestler?

A: my goal for myself to become a masters qualifier



Q: Does the team have good chemistry with each other this year?

A: the team is year close with each other



Q: What drives you to work hard each and every day and dedicate so much time to your sport?

A: my motivation to work harder to become better as a person in wrestling and to get as far as I can



Q: Do you believe there is any true weakness in your team?

A: The only weakness I see in the team is how multiple people miss practices during the important time of year



Q: Can we hope to see you wrestling at the next level or is this the last we will hear of you?

A: you will see at the level of wrestling, yes



Q: Would you say you have a strong bond with your team ?

A: The wrestling team is one of the strongest bonds I have



Q: How would you say your relationship is between the players and yourself?

A: I would a it’s a strong bond I have made with everyone



Q: Are you close with your teammates outside of wrestling ?

A: were super close



Q: What do you believe the major strengths of your team are?

A: That we work hard and have a lot of commitment



Q: How do you believe you and your team will face off for the rest of league?

A: I feel like it will be a competition with the better teams like Sante fe



Q: Out of the teams in league who will be/has been, your best competition?

A: Sante fe



Q: What is your biggest motivation to wrestle?

A: to improve everyday and beat everyone in the way



Q: Are there any last comments you want the fans to know about you or this team this year?

A: I just hope this year will be a fun year and no one to get hurt this year during a tournament or a dual