Girls Varsity La Serna volleyball · Player Interview : Ricki Urteaga

How Long have you been Playing Volleyball for?

  • 4 years


What Travel Ball teams you have played for?

  • Icon Volleyball Club & Protege Volleyball Club


Do you have any interest in playing Volleyball after highschool?

  • Possibly for a club for whichever school I attend.


Do you love Playing volleyball? Why does it interest you?

  • I love playing volleyball because it is fast paced & it is really fun when the energy is up.


What are your strengths?

  • Hitting in the front row.


What is some of your Favorite Positions to play?

  • Outside Hitter & Opposite


What makes You Feel the best when You Play?

  • When my team has a lot of energy & when we all cheer for each other.


How is the relationship between You and your teammates?

  • My teammates and I all get along for the most part.


How is the relationship between you and your coach?

  • It is cordial.


What is your major goal in your future?

  • I want to be a successful marketing manager.


What is the best thing you wanna accomplish before highschool ends?

  • I want to be accepted into a four year university.


Who do you look up to the most?

  • My dad because he has accomplished many of his goals with hard work.