What is your name and grade?

Oscar Ortiz, 12th grade.


How long have you been playing basketball?

I’ve been playing basketball for about 6 years now.


When did you realize you wanted to basketball?

When I realized it was the sport I had the most fun playing.


Do you have any role models you look up to?

My father is the perfect role model  for me and I try everyday to be like him.


What motivates you to play?

The haters.


What do you like most about basketball, and the least?

What I like most is the hype and the brotherhood nature on  and off the court, the thing I like least is nothing I love every part of the game.


What do you do to prepare for your matches?

Usually mentally  prepare for what’s about to be ahead of me, can’t be weak minded out here.


How do you calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed?

I mentally prepare myself for every game.


What are some of your weaknesses and strengths?

My strengths are that I have a high IQ for the game, I usually can handle the ball and score at will, my weaknesses are my shot isn’t always consistent and I tend not to use my voice out there as much.


Are there any skills that you feel like you need to improve on?

One skill for sure is my range I could be so much more of a threat if I had range.


How do you feel about your team?

My team is more than a team to me, we grind out everyday and make unforgettable memories, guys i’ve been working with for years. It’s more of a brotherhood #justus


Are there things that you feel the team needs to improve on?

Some things we need to improve on as a team is our communication skills. Sometimes we make mistakes because of it.


Do you have fun with your teammates?

I have more than fun with my teammates. They’re more that teammates.


If you weren’t playing basketball, is there a different sport you would have played?

I would’ve played soccer because it was my sport I would go back to so I wouldn’t get burned out and most likely football, everyone tells me I would be great at it.


Have you had any memorable moments?

When we won league my sophomore and junior year.