Girls Varsity Volleyball, La Serna Volleyball · PLAYER INTERVIEW: JORDYN ANDERSON

How Long have you been Playing Volleyball for?

Jordyn Anderson has been playing ball since she was 6 yrs old (11yrs)


What Travel Ball teams you have played for

The travel ball teams : Protege , Icon , and Proplay


Do you have any interest in playing Volleyball after highschool?

After high school i would love to be playing through college as well


Do you love Playing volleyball? Why does it interest you?

I love to play volleyball.It is my passion. I play volleyball all the time and I couldn’t imagine life without it


What are Your Strengths?

Strengths are passing and setting the balls


What is some of your Favorite Positions to play?

Favorite position is :Libero


What makes You Feel the best when You Play?

I feel the best when i save a play and my team comes together to get the point


How is the relationship between You and your teammates?

I love my teammates, there forever my sisters


How is the relationship between you and your coach?

My coach always pushes me to do my best and has helped me to be the player i am


What is your major goal in your future?

My goal is to continue playing volleyball and to further my education


What is the best thing you wanna accomplish before highschool ends?

Before highschool ends i want to win a CIF ring


Who do you look up to the most?

I look up to my mom the most.She has always supported me through my journeys and taught me everything i know