varsity boys waterpolo · PLAYER INTERVIEW: EMILIO BLYTHE

How did you get into water polo?


My brother started to play it so my mom made me play it too.


Who inspires you the most and why? 


My dad because he grew up in a bad place and was able to work hard to get a better life.


Have your teammates influenced you in any way? 


My teammates have influenced me in many ways, from new types of music or advice.


How is your relationship with your team?


My relationship with my team is good because I have known most of them for a long 




How has your coach changed you?


My coach has helped me change my shot 


Is there a weakness you need to improve on?


Yes, a weakness I need to build up more is my confidence.


Is water polo the only sport you play?


Yes water polo is the only sport that I play.


Does anyone in your family play/ used to play water polo?


My older brother used to play water polo when he was in high school.


How many years have you been playing water polo?


I have been playing water polo for seven years.


What is your position in water polo? 


My position in water polo is set defender.


What are some of your hobbies?


Some of my hobbies are water polo, camping, video games, and air soft.


Are you involved in any school clubs?


Yes I am a part of German club.


How have you improved this year?


I have improved by building up more muscle mass.


Do you have any siblings?


Yes I have one older brother.


What is your biggest accomplishment?


My biggest accomplishment is getting good grades and getting a perfect score on the 


SBAC in my eight grade year.