What is your name, age, and grade?

My name is Aaron young, im 17, and I’m in the 12 grade.

What position do you play?

I play running back/ linebacker.

Outside of football what are your hobbies?

I love to go to church. 

What are the 3 most important things in your life?

My mom, dad, and God.

How long have you been playing football?

I’ve been playing since I was 8. 

What’s the most challenging part about being a player?

The injuries that come with playing the game. 

Is it hard to juggle your regular classes, and football schedule?

No it’s not hard at all.

What do you love most about your teammates and how would you explain the bond you and your teammates have?

What I love most about my teammates is that we all love each other and we have good relationships together and we have a bond so strong that it can not be broken by anything. 

What are your goals in life?

To go to college and be a police officer.

How do you relieve your stress?

I stop thinking so much and I breathe.

What do you do to prepare before a game?

To prepare for the game I think in my head what I have to do out there on the field. Then I read the Bible and pray. 

Do you plan on playing football in college?

Yes I do 

What are some weaknesses on the field and how do you overcome them?

My weakness would be the butterflies in my stomach for the first couple plays, but then when I get my first hit they just go away and it’s time to play football. 

What made you want to play football?

It was mostly my dad and me and how much I liked the roughness so I decided to play football.

Have you had any injuries if so how did you deal with not being able to play with your team due to your injury?

I have had an injury, a couple weeks ago I tore a ligament in my knee and I thought I was out for the season but I had to take the right steps to heal it and I had to take it slow. When I was injured I had to help my teammates and always be positive. Now I’m back.