Girls Golf, Girls Varsity Golf · EVA MARTINEZ: PLAYER INTERVIEW

Q: 1.) How long have you been playing golf at La Serna High School?  Any other schools or previous teams?


This is my second year playing golf at La Serna High School.

Q: 2.) What qualities do you look for in a teammate? 


The qualities that I look for in a teammate are kindness and passion. 

Q:3.)What are your expectations for this year’s golf team? 


My expectations for this year’s golf team is for everyone to improve and get lower scores.


Q: 4.) Who is your biggest rival/competitor? What does your team need to work on/ accomplish in order to achieve those expectations? 


My team needs to work on getting lower scores and we can accomplish that by practicing more.


Q: 5.) What is one personal goal for this season? 


A personal goal for me this season is too improve and get lower scores and to be able to hit the ball farther.


Q: 6.)  What are your plans after high school? Do you plan on continueing your golf career?  


After High School I plan on going to college but I don’t think I’ll be continuing my golf career but I would like to continue doing it for fun in my free time.

Q: 7.) Do you expect your team to go far in CIF this year? 


I hope that our team will go far and absolutely have confidence that they will.


Q: 8.) What are some personal accomplishments as an athlete?


A personal accomplishment I have is that I first started playing golf last year and I wasn’t very skilled at all but with practice and time I’ve started to get better.


Q: 9.) What do you envision success to look like? 


I envision success looks like significant improvement in my techniques throughout the year


Q: 10.) What are you most proud of your team? 


I am very proud of my team because many of us have improved significantly from last year.


Q: 11.) Do you have any family members within the golf program at La Serna High School? 


I don’t have any family members within the golf program at La Serna High School but I have many siblings who might be interested in golf in the future.


Q: 12.) What other passions do you have besides golf? 

My other passions include musical theatre and traveling.


Q: 13.) Who or what made you want to play golf originally? 

Originally I wanted to play golf because I wanted to try something new. 


Q: 14.) Do you play any other sports?  

I do not play any other sports.


Q: 15.) Do you have a role model that influences your technique/ attitude towards golf? 


My role model that influences my attitude towards golf is my teammates because we all support each other and help each other do better.