How long have you been in Cross Country?

All 4 years of high school


How did you get interested in Cross Country? 

My sister ran two years when she came to La Serna and I was done playing baseball so figured i’d give it a shot. 


Do you play any other sports besides Cross Country? 

I used to play baseball before cross but now I just run and ride motocross. 


How you played for any other teams outside of La Serna?  

No, our team is very good so there was no need to run for any clubs or anywhere else. 


What are some of your strengths ?

Perseverance, determination, and the ability to worth problems in my head to present a solution. 


What are some of your weaknesses ?



What are your goals for the team this year? 

Make it to the CIF State meet and beyond if possible.


What are your individual goals for this year?

Stay within the top 5 runners on the team and break 15:05 in the 3 mile. 


What do you think you would do after High School?

I plan on going to a 4 year college to run cross and study mechanical engineering and start a career in the field after college. 

Who was the biggest motivation for you?

My biggest motivations are my grandpa and my coach.


How is your relationship with your teammates ?

We all love each other since our sport and success depends on us all keeping each other accountable and sticking together while going through the hardest physical states our bodies and minds will ever go through.

Do you think Cross Country has made a big impact on your life?

Cross Country has made a bigger impact on my life in many ways than anything else I can think of. 


What was one of your best experiences in Cross Country?

One of my greatest experiences in this sport has been CIF finals junior year because it was one of the hardest races of my life and was amazing just for us to qualify. 


What was one of your worst experiences in Cross Country?

Also CIF junior year because we missed the state meet qualifying mark by just 15 points. 


Have you ever gotten injured if so how and what were the Injuries?

Freshman year I broke my wrist for the second time and that took me out of part of the cross country season and the whole track season. Aside from just small leg injuries, nothing has happened to really impede my running.