What is your favorite part of tennis?

 I love playing tennis and having fun with my teammates 


What is one thing that you think you are great at?



What are your plans after high school?

 go to college 


What is one thing you can improve in your tennis game?

 my serves 


Do you play singles or doubles?



Which do you prefer, Singles or doubles? 



What has been the most challenging part of your high school tennis career?   

 A game against Wilson, showing up to practice on time 


Do you prefer working in a team or being a lone wolf?

 Working with a team


How do you approach a new and difficult challenge?

I try my best to work with the problem and ask for help if I need too


Are you planning on going to college? If so which one? 

 Yes, I would like to attend university of Oregon 


Do you have any pre-game rituals? 

 I do not 

What are some accomplishments that you have had in your high school tennis career? 

I placed second in league going to CIF as a freshman 


What has been the most challenging game for you personally so far? 

 Getting my serve down 


Do you play games with injuries? If so what is your limit? 

 I don’t play with injuries 


Is tennis something that you will continue to play after high school (even if it is recreational)?    

I might continue with it, I don’t know if I will play in college