Girls Volleyball Varsity · Girls Volleyball: Madison Tillman Interview

How long have you been playing volleyball for?

I’ve been playing volleyball for 9 years combined club and school. I started in 2010.

Who do you think is the hardest competition in the league?

Whittier High School I would is the most challenging. 

Have you traveled to play your sport, and where has been the farthest?

I travel a lot for volleyball but the furthest would probably be Chicago.

What are your strengths?

My strengths would probably be hitting and serving and also being a positive and loud teammate and being there for my teammates.

What are your weaknesses/things to improve on?

I would say I need to improve my consistent confidence on the court and not letting the mistakes get to me. I also need to improve my defensive side of the game.

How do you feel about the game, what makes you want to play and do better?

I love the game which pushes me everyday to want to get better to be able to compete at a higher level. 

How is the relationship between you and your teammates?

We treat each other like sisters on and off the court. This group of girls inspires me to be a better volleyball player and person. I love my team.

What are your goals(like what kind of stats or where do you want to be by the end of season), what is a team goal?

Some of my goals would be to improve as a player and a teammate during my seasons at La Serna and to hopefully be someone the team can count on in volleyball and in life. I would also like to improve my hitting average to 10 kills a game. A team goal would be winning league again, winning CIF and getting a ring and getting to first round of state. 

Do you plan on playing if you go to college?

Yes I plan on taking my volleyball career to the next level by playing in college.


What is your favorite position to play in volleyball?

My favorite position is outside hitter which I play currently on the La serna team and my club team.

When did you start playing volleyball, have you been playing for a long time?

I started playing volleyball 9 years ago when I was six because I grew up watching my sister play and fell in love with the sport. 


Does your family support you and try  go to all your games?

Yes my family supports me so much and they come to all of my games and are always there to take me to practices.


 Would you be comfortable with your coach outside of volleyball or is it more of a “sports only” type relationship?

I would see us getting along outside of volleyball because of our love for the sport. 


 What drives you to work hard each and every day at your sport?

My love for the game and wanting to constantly improve.


What is your biggest motivation to play volleyball?

Knowing that I could get a scholarship to a good school by becoming a great player.


What goals do you have for yourself this year on or off the court?

Maintaining good grades and being an athlete at the same time. 


Are there any last comments you want the fans to know about you or this team this year?


We love big crowds at our games, it gets us CIF ready so come support your La Serna Lancers.