Jillian Deleon  Interview


Q: How many years have you been playing volleyball?

I have been playing for about 6-7 years but volleyball has always been in my life since my mom.


Q: Have you played in any clubs/ leagues outside of school?

Yes, I have played for ACT and now I play for CVC.

Q: Who do you feel that you have the most chemistry with on the team?

In the back row I feel I have the most chemistry with Jess because we both trust each other and track the ball attentively . In the front row the player I have the most chemistry with is Alyssa because we both cover each other, go up well together but most of all, trust the other. I feel I have a great chemistry with Julie because I know she trusts me to put a ball away and I trust her and I love her hard work. 


Q: Can we hope to see you playing at the next level?

Yes, hopefully! My goal is to play in college.


Q: Do you have a strong bond with your teammates ?

The team has a strong bond on and off the court.


Q: How would you say your relationship is between you and your coach?

The relationship between Coach Moe and I is a good relationship. She is very knowledgeable about the game of volleyball and will always do her best to help the team succeed.


Q: Would you be comfortable with your coach outside of volleyball or is it more of a “sports only” type relationship?

Our coach has so much information to share about the collegiate level of volleyball and life in general and how to handle time management. She is always there to give advice and answer and question we may have.


Q: What do you believe the major strengths of your team are?

Our strengths are serving, defense, height, and resilience.


Q: Do you believe there is any true weakness in your team?

We need to keep believing in our team and trust each other.


Q: How do you believe you and your team will face off in league?

The team is coming into league prepared and ready to battle. 


Q: Out of the teams in league who will be your best competition?

I feel that Whittier will give us the hardest fight.


Q: What drives you to work hard each and every day at your sport?

The love for the game and the love for the team. 


Q: What is your biggest motivation to play volleyball?

My biggest motivation is to make my mom proud and seeing her at my games makes me extremely happy.


Q: What goals do you have for your team this year?

This year the team wants to win the league and a CIF ring. One of the goals we have is to beat each team in league in 3 sets.


Q: What goals do you have for yourself this year on or off the court?

On the court I want to embrace the role I have on the team and work hard for my teammates each and every game.


Q: Are there any last comments you want the fans to know about you or this team this year?

This is our year and we CAN do this! Come out to support volleyball and watch our journey!