What is your name, grade, and sport?

My name is Hannah Watson and I am a Junior on the girls’ varsity golf team.


How long have you been playing your sport, what got you into it?

I have played for two years now and my dad originally got me into golf.


What are your goals for this season as a team?

As a team for this season, our goal is to make CIF.


What are your personal goals?

My personal goal is to improve my score.


What are your strengths and weaknesses?

One of my strengths is hitting well with certain clubs, but having a negative mindset at times is one of my weaknesses. 


How do you deal with difficult matches?

When I am dealing with a difficult match I tend to brush off the bad parts and move on from any mistakes to improve. 


How do you prepare yourself before matches?

Before matches I drink a lot of water and think positively. 


What about the sport brings you the most joy?

Golf helps me get rid of a lot of my anger on bad days, it helps me keep calm.


What mental tool do you use when you feel under pressure?

Mentally I just try to stay positive and keep my head up.


What is your biggest motivation? 

My dad is my biggest motivation. 


What is one thing you feel you need to improve on this season?

One thing I feel I need to improve on is thinking more positively in order to help myself out this season.


How will you strive to improve that?

To improve that I need to look past the negative and do exactly as I said, think positive.


Who, if anyone, inspired you to join golf?

My dad and my best friend inspired me to join golf.


What is one of your best memories from golf?

One of my best memories from golf is going to In-N-Out after a match. 


Do you have a most memorable game, if so, why is it the most memorable to you?

The most memorable game was the very first game because it was the start of the season and we also won.