How long have you been playing your sport for at LS?


I have been playing since my freshman year.


Do you enjoy your sport?


Yes I love playing volleyball because it is always competitive but also a fun atmosphere.


What is the best part?


Being able to play with all my closest friends while still winning.


What is the most challenging part of the sport?


Remembering that the reason of sports is to have fun and that winning isn’t everything.


Do you want to continue playing in college?


Yes I plan to play at long beach city college


What do you look forward to in the upcoming season?


I look forward most to CIF and hopefully going very far.


What is a typical practice look like?


It’s organized and competitive but always very loud and fun


Who are your best competitors?


Downey and Peninsula


What are your personal goals for the season?


To win league and CIF


Have you ever gotten any injury’s while playing?

The biggest injury was Patellar Tendinitis which is caused by landing wronf over and  over.


Who is favorite athlete?


Earvin Ngapeth


What is your favorite memory from you sport?


Winning CIF my sophomore year and the whole journey getting there.


Do you have a pregame ritual?   


Listening to music and stretching.


What motivates you to stay active?


Having the thrill during a big  play or a good rally


How long have you played overall?


For 4 years.