Boys Varsity Track · Varsity Track Interview: Skyler Warner

Interviewer: Izek Osorio

Interviewing: Skyler Warner


How long have you been on the track team?

This will be my second year on the team


What event do you participate in?

The events I run vary mainly the 4×100, 4×400 and the 100 & 200 meter


What do you enjoy about track?

I enjoy the training, racing and socializing


What steps have you taken to improve your craft this offseason?

I have worked on my speed and endurance


What do you feel you need to improve on?

I can improve on my health and take steps to prevent injuries


What skills or traits do you want to develop over this season?

 I want a six pack, thunder thighs and more speed because if you aint first your last


How do you feel about the team this year?

We lost some key seniors but this year I am pretty confident we will win league


Are there any specific meets that you are looking forward to?

I  can not wait for the C.I.F. and league meets


Do you plan on doing track after high school?

If I am recruited I will consider furthering my track career


How have your parents supported your track career?

 My parents have been very supportive throughout all my athletic career and I am very thankful for their support