1.How long have you been playing baseball?

  • 13 years, since I was 5


2.What is your favorite part about the sport?

  • It’s a mental game, not a physical one


3.What is your least favorite part?

  • Waiting for my opportunities


4.How have the coaches shaped the team for this season?

  • The coaches have tried to just bring us together as one unit because we are hard to beat when that happens


5.How has the team improved for this season in your opinion?

  • We have learned to execute in tight spots that are crucial to the game


6.Do you have any pre game rituals? If so what?

  • The team has to play a game of two ball before any home game (we have lost all the games we haven’t done this)


7.What is the team you’re looking forward to playing against and why?

  • Definitely Sonora and Cal because most of us have played together at some point outside of high school and those games get wild


8.How do you feel like this season is going to go?

  • If the team comes together and works as one we will do very well


10.What was one personal goal that you have for this year?

  • Work my way back into a starting spot


11.How has your family and friends helped/supported you?

  • My family has helped me along my entire baseball journey in every aspect they can


  1.  What is your motivation?
  • My Motivation is just the love of the game and to be able to outdo myself and push the limits of what I can do

13.Do you plan on going to college? If so where and why?  

  • I Currently plan on going to Fullerton CC and playing on their ball  team along with some of my current team mates


14.Do you plan on playing baseball in college?


  • yes