Boys Varsity Tennis · Boys Varsity Tennis Interview: Kyle Chen

What’s the hardest thing about tennis to you?

The hardest thing about tennis is running and staying in shape.

Did you play tennis before you got to high school?

I played before high school for three years and four in high school

What’s the most exciting thing about tennis?

The most exciting thing about tennis is acing my serve on opponents.

Have you ever watched a professional tennis game in person?

I have not, but I look forward to watching a match in person.

Why is tennis known for being such a challenging sport?

People believe tennis is such a simple sport, but it requires great discipline and technique that makes tennis challenging.

If you were a sports promoter, what would you do to make tennis a more popular sport in the United States?

I would publicize tennis on more platforms by organizing events for others who are or are not familiar with the sport. These events could be fun and interactive to have people learn about tennis in order to popularize it.


What are your best and worst memories?

My best memories were winning Del Rio League, winning as a team, and the bond I have with my teammates. My worst memories were losing to opponents that were not good at playing and scraping up both of my knees when I slid to return back a ball my opponent hit.

Who are your role models?

I look up to my parents who show me their hardworking ethics in order to make me successful in life.

How young were you when you started playing?

I was about 11 or 12 years old.

What are your personal goals?

I want to live a comfortable life and be able to go shop at any designer/ luxury store I can find. Also, I want my teammates and I to bring back another Del Rio League Champion title and advance further in CIF.

Have you achieved anything you wanted to achieve?

I have not achieved everything I want to achieve because there is so many opportunities for myself to accomplish in life and my career.

How has playing this sport affected your life?

Playing tennis has made me a healthier version of myself and become a decent player.

Any people who influenced you to play water polo?

I think you mean tennis, but I decided to play tennis myself to try it out and see if I enjoyed playing.