Player Interviewed: Bryanna Ontiveros

1.How long been running track?
-I’ve began running track in 8th grade till sophomore year.


2.What got you started in track?
-I’ve always enjoyed running, and just the energy that it gives me, I love. I was also really interested in running multiple events and even doing jumps.


3.Who trained you?
-Coach garduno and Coach Orr have trained me freshman year to sophomore year.


4.What is your fondest memory running track?

-My fondest memory running track was winning first place multiple times with my relay team, and making many more friends.

5.Are you training outside of school?
-I’m not training outside of school.

6.Do you plan on continuing your track career in college?
-I don’t plan on continuing track in college, but if I had the chance too I would.

7.Would you like to coach this sport when you older, why or why not?
-I don’t think I would want to coach this sport when I’m older because it’s too much work to focus on every student, and it takes time and patience.


8.If you can improve on one thing what would it be?
-I’ve improved in many things, but one thing that I would want to improve on is too learn the correct way to jump over hurdles and add my speed into it


9.What foods or drinks help you gear up and stay energized for the meet?
-Water, sandwiches, and any kind of fruit always gear me up to stay energized for my meet.


10.What do you like most about track?
-What I like most about track is spending time with my friends, and seeing my improvements always made me happy.


11.What are some team goals you have set for this upcoming season?
-Some team goals for this season is too win league.


12.What are some personal goals you have set for yourself?

-Some personal goals set for myself is to PR in all my events by senior year and to correctly jump over hurdles and to add my speed into it.13.What is routine before you start running?

14.Have you received any medals or awards running track?
-I have received medals during track.
15.Is there a different event you would like to try?
-A different event that I would try is either long or high jump. I’ve been focusing on running, and hurdling but jumping also looks like a lot of fun.