Lancers News · Swim Interview: Zachary Serrano

How long have you been playing?– I’ve Been Swimming for 11 years

Why did you choose to start swimming?– I started off in swimming lessons and my instructor told me I would be good on an actual swim team

Are there any goals you want for this season ?– I’d like to win CIF in the 200 IM and get my national cuts

Have you always been passionate about swimming?– I’ve had small “burn out” periods but I always listen to the same 3 songs

What is your pregame routine?– I always listen to the same 3 songs

Are there any athletes you look up to and why?– Even though he is not a swimmer, I’ve always looked up to Larry  Fitzgerald because of how loyal and selfless he is on top of being a great athlete

What meet are you looking forward to this season?– I’m really looking forward to CIF and jr.Nationals this summer

Are you looking to continue swimming in college?– Yes! I will be swimming for CSU Bakersfield next school year

What was your biggest accomplishment playing this sport?– I’d have to say making finals at my first Jr. Nationals

Any quotes or sayings that make you want to do better? One quote i love is “I’m not telling you I’ts going to be easy I’m telling you its going be worth it”

What is one of your favorite memories playing this sport?– My favorite memory was being able was being able to win some relays at CIF and getting to swim at state with the LS team

If You could play for any professional team which would it be and why?– I would love to have the opportunity to swim on the U.S. Olympic team because there really is nothing like it

Are there any ways you and your teammates get pumped for a match?– We don’t have  any specific ways, but when we’re rested, we all know it’s time to go

What is one thing you love about swimming?– I love the competitive nature and how your team mates counting on you can bring the best out of you

Would you ever want to play this sport in the olympics?– I would love an opportunity to swim in the Olympics, It’s a very distant dream but a dream nonetheless