1.How long have you been playing volleyball?

Around 8 years- 4 years at LS.
2. What’s your favorite part about being on the team?

Definitely the guys and the connections I have made with some amazing people.
3. Why did you start playing?

I really loved the team aspect and my sister always played volleyball with me as a kid.
4. How do you train?

Always strengthen the basics- practice game situations
5. How do you balance sports and school work.

I try to plan out my week and make sure to make a schedule ahead of time so I get everything done.
6. Do you plan to play volleyball in the future?

Maybe like on a club or intramural team in college.
7. Accomplishments for the team this year?

Since we won league back to back the past two league champions is a goal, and then hopefully advancing and winning CIF.
8.Biggest challenge as a team?

Remaining focused and disciplined.
9. How is your relationship with your teammates?

Really good it’s super fun and it’s a great group.
10. Who inspires you to play?

My sister, Abby
11.Who is your biggest supporter?

My parents and my grandma.
12. What is your position on the team?

Defensive Specialist/ Serving Specialist.
13.Favorite thing to do with your teammates?

Chill and hang out at our team dinners.
14. What do you do to get pumped before a game?

Listening to my music playlist.
15.What’s the biggest key for having a successful team?

Communication and chemistry.