Girls Varsity Softball · Interview with Haylee Clay (Varsity Softball) by Luke Perez

Interview with Haylee Clay (Varsity Softball)

By Luke Perez

When did you start playing softball?

When I was 5 years old


Who introduced you to the sport?

My parents did


What are your expectations/goals this season?

My expectations for this season is to just have quality at bats to put my team in the best possible situation to win


What’s your team’s expectations/goals this season?

My team’s goals this season is to win league, compete the best we can in Division 1, and just go further into CIF than we did last year


What game are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to our game on Senior Day. I’m really excited to see everyone’s families there


How do  you prepare for a game?

I prepare for a game by just clearing my mind and visualize having successful bats


Any pregame rituals?

I always pray before my games


Do you plan on playing college softball? (If so, where will you be playing?)

I am committed to play Division 1 softball for the University of Hawaii at Manoa