How long have you been running cross country?

I have been running cross country since freshman year.


What is your favorite part about cross country?

Definitely the people and being able to compete in the high stakes meet.


What is your least favorite part?

Probably the days where we have to muscle through workouts in the heat. We’re capable of doing them and execute them well but it really takes a toll on you mentally and if you haven’t prepared your body for it.


How have the coaches shaped the team for this season?

The coaches have shaped us great in my opinion I feel like all the guys really understand the training plan and realize the purpose of every workout.  They have us all scheduled to peak at the end of the season, the date is October 30th right now so the varsity boys aren’t scheduled to run their best or fastest until CIF Finals or the State Meet.  


How has the team improved in this season in your opinion?

This year I’d say the guys are stronger than last year and have gained more experience from last year so confidently. Two years ago we had to really fight for every inch just to make it out  of league with such a young team. Last year, was really a breakout year for us as we grew older and stronger making it to CIF Finals. Last year I think we all were a star struck to finally make it to all of the big races and were just happy to have made it. Now it’s more that we have the experience and were comfortable with being in the spotlight and performing well under pressure.


Do you have any pre game rituals? If so what?

Yes. Night before a race I’ll go to California Grill to get bow tie pasta with fries.


What was your favorite meet so far and why?

Favorite meet so far would have to be the Clovis Invitational.  We were all really dialed in for that race and it was just a good experience because it’s an overnight trip.


How close are you with your teammates?

I’m very close with teammates I could honestly write a whole book on those guys if I wanted to  but I definitely consider these guys my family.


What was one personal goal that you have for this year?

Get as close as I can or break 15.  For the team we want to make it to state.  I’ll take making it to state with my teammates over breaking 15 any day of the week.


What is your motivation?

My teammates are my motivation. Even though I’m a senior and been on varsity for awhile now I always find myself looking up to every single one of them.  I’ve never met a more competitive group of guys that have wanted to win as bad as they do so I think a big part of our success is wanting to be the best on the team and there’s not a guy that backs down from the challenge either.  Also, recognition I think that’s what I want in the end or just the feeling of making it as far as we can; as a program we’ve came a long way since my freshman year so I’d like to end it with a bang and with us on top.


How has your family helped/supported you along this journey?

They’ve been great and are my greatest supporters in the end. It’s always a good feeling when I’m able to see them at the end of my races and I do my best because sometimes they have to make a long drive to go and see me race so I try my best to make the drives worth it.


Do you plan on going to college? If so where and why?  

Yes, I currently don’t know where yet I just finished all my Cal State applications this week and have only been accepted to NAU as of right now.  


Do you plan on running in college?

Maybe, I’m 50/50 right now on it. I’ve been recruited by schools and have gone on some unofficial visits but I’m okay with not running in college and just focusing on academics in college.  I know I’ll miss it but not everything lasts forever and if that means hanging it up 4 years early I’m okay with that. I’m not burning any bridges yet though and would be happy with whatever I choose to do.


So far with not so many races left, how do you feel the season went?

I think it went well and am excited for CIF to start up I can feel the training starting to take its effect now as the volume drops and intensity gets higher.  


What advice do you have for future athletes who want to run cross country or just future athletes in general for high school?

Go for it.  Trust me it’s not as bad as people make it out to be or terrible. In the end, it’s all about the people you surround yourself with if you choose to train and hangout with the people that complain and don’t like it.  Then odds are you wont like it and that’s with anything in life. Stay positive with your results and trust your coach and the training. What you put in is what you get out.