Boys Varsity Basketball · Interview with Coach McNabb (Boys Basketball)

Interview with Coach McNabb (Boys Basketball)

By Luke Perez

How long have you been coaching here at La Serna?

This is my third year coaching.

What makes this group different from other teams you coached in the past?

We’re pretty guard heavy, and this team shows a lot of fight and grit. They have a ton of untapped potential.

What are your goals for this season?

Win league championship and be more successful in the playoffs.

How would you describe your coaching style?

Always calm and relaxed, always stay extremely confident.

How does having a good relationship with your players contribute to your coaching style?

It ensures that everyone is in sync, we’re able to hold each other accountable.

When were you introduced to the sport?

In 1991 by my mother, when the Lakers played the Bulls in the championship.

How would you describe your own basketball career?

Many ups and many downs.

What are some challenges you’ve faced while being a coach?

Balancing time with family, work and other responsibilities. Also trying to balance not being too tough on players and setting expectations.

Besides basketball, what do you hope to teach your players?

About life in general. Never getting too down, balancing a schedule, treating people with respect, learning to be cohesive in a team, maintaining your own individuality.

How do you think your players would describe you?

I think they’d say I’m calm and confident.