• How long have you been playing your sport?

I am going on my third

  • Do you have a pregame ritual?

I listen to the “z cheesy” playlist

  • What team is the most fun to play?

Whittier because I  have friends that wrestle there

  • Individual goals in your sport?

Go to Master’s

  • What makes you good in your sport?

I am mentally  tough and push myself everyday

  • Who inspires you to play?


  • History of you playing your sport?

I started freshman year but did MMA before 

  • What makes you like playing your sport?

It’s mentally and physically challenging sport

  • Team goals?

Hopefully win  league

  • What is the hardest part about playing?

Cutting weight

  • What’s the toughest team to play?

Santa Fe

  • How do you contribute to the team?

I try to push them

  • Do you plan to play the sport after high school?

I am thinking about wrestling at Rio Hondo

  • Three reasons you like being apart of the team?

Keeps me busy, they’re funny, and i like wrestling with them

  • How do your teammates make practice fun?

They are really funny