Lancers News · Player Interview: Kobe Vogel

Player Interview: Kobe Vogel

How do you feel about the upcoming games?

-I feel that our chances of winning are decent

Do you look forward to playing your opponents?

-Yes, I love that feeling I get when I am in a middle of a match

How do you prepare yourself before a game?

-I do sprints and drill my moves

Has anyone on your team inspired you to work harder?

-Yes, my teammate Lewis

What keeps you motivated at practice everyday?

-The adrenaline I get during practice

Do your opponents ever intimidate you?

-Not as much, but I do get nervous before my games

Are there any moves you like to use to take down your opponents?

-My favorite move is the arm-drag

Do you have any pregame rituals?

-I listen to funny music to make me feel lose

Do you plan on playing college?

-No, I do not

Is there anything you want to improve in wrestling?

-I need to improve my take downs using both legs

After every game do you ever think what you could do better?

-Most of the time and if not my coaches will tell me

Have you ever learned from a match?

-Yes I learned that at the end of the day no team can help you. It just depends how hard you work everyday at practice

How do you push your team to work harder?

-I try to encourage them to train harder on their free time

What college would you wanna go for wrestling?

-Penn State

Do you learn something new from every match?

-Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not