GIRLS BASKETBALL, Girls Varsity Basketball · Coach Interview; Steve Hemenway

How long have you been teaching at La Serna?

I am in my 28th year


How long have you been the girls basketball coach?   

I coached for 17 years from 1990-2007; stopped for over 10 years and than began coaching last year.


What high school did you attend and did you play any sports there?

I graduated from Santa Fe High. I played 3 sports; basketball, volleyball, and golf.


What college did you attend, and did you play any sports there?

I attended and graduated from Cal State Long Beach; I did not play any sports in college.


What was your most successful coaching year?   

The end of my 17th year, 2007, we were 26-3 and lost in the CIF Semi-final game.


What do you enjoy the most about basketball?

In this sport you need to be skilled in several areas and skill sets. I also like that there is a definite need for the team to play together. No one player can do it alone.


How would you describe your coaching style?

People are usually surprised by how vocal I am as a coach. I believe in playing an aggressive trapping defense and try to get us to play a poised offensive game.


How do you think your players would describe you?

Hah, I’d like to have you find out! They are too quiet. I know they know I am passionate about the game and have the knowledge of how it should be played.


What are your goals for the 2018-2019 season?

I don’t set specific win/loss goals; all I care about is how well we play. We play well, I’m happy. Even if we lose.


What team are you most looking forward to playing?

If I answer that my players may not focus on the ones that count the most. El Rancho is the best team in our league.