How long have you been playing?

This is my second year wrestling.

Why did you choose wrestling as your sport?

I chose wrestling because I wanted to be in a sport that is unique and challenging

Are there any goals you want for this season?

My goal this season is to get more wins on my record and make it to state.

What is your favorite position you like to take down people with?

I like to take people down by repetitive clubbing and then snapping them down.

What is your pregame routine?

Before my matches one of my teammates will shake my arms loose, I’ll jump in place to keep my body warm and I’ll say a quick prayer.

Are there any athletes you look up to and why?

There isn’t a specific athlete I look up to, I take influence from most athletes I watch and use moves that I think will benefit my matches.

What match are you looking forward to this season?

I am really looking forward to our dual against Cal, everyone is tense because of the rivalry and everyone has a different type of energy and new motivation to win.

Are you looking to play this sport in college?

It is not a priority for me to wrestle in college, but it would be great to gt into a good college because of wrestling.

What was your biggest accomplishment playing this sport?

My biggest accomplishment in this sport was winning my first varsity match. I was really nervous and the girl I faced was very intimidating but knowing that I beat her made me really happy.

Any quotes or sayings that make you want to do better?

“Fear has two meanings: Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise”.  A coach last year said this and this means a lot more to me this season as I am now a girls varsity wrestler and no longer a JV wrestler.  Varsity and JV are two completely playing fields.

What is one of your favorite memories from playing this sport?

My favorite memory was last year during one of our team captains match, he was loosing his match but tied the score and brought the match into overtime. He was getting really close to pin the guy and the whole team were on their feet. When he pinned the guy we were all screaming, jumping and hugging each other and it was great to see us all being united.

If you could play for any professional team which one would it be and why?

Their team isn’t official with the school (it’s a club) but I would love to wrestle withe USC’s team.

Are there any ways you and your teammates get pumped for a match? 

My teammates would size up my opponent for me and tell me which way I can approach the match and they’ll shake and loosen my arms while telling me. I would like to listen to music right before but my nerves get to me so I just jump in place and focus on what moves I will use first.

How long have you been playing for La Serna?

This is my second year wrestling for La Serna.