How long have you been playing your sport?

8 years

Do you have any pregame ritual?

I listen to any song and I set against a wall

Why do you think your coach named you captain?

I think she named me captain because I’m hardworking and I play with heart

Individual goals in your sport?

I want lead my team past the third round of CIF

What makes you good in sports?

I’m very talkative, I work hard for every point, I lead to succeed, and I’m a smart player

Who inspires you to play?

My nantali (stepmom), I’m the player I am today because of her

History of playing your sport?

I’ve been playing since I was 10 for  a club called Commerce Crush

What makes you like playing your sport?

The competitiveness, my teammates

Team goals?

Del Rio League  Champion. Go past round 3 of CIF

What is the hardest part about playing?

Playing against a 6 foot tall girl that can hit really well

What’s the toughest team to play?

Quarte  Hills

How do you contribute to the team?

I’m the setter, so I run all the plays, and pay attention to blocker match up

Do you plan to play the sport after high school?

Yes, I do plan to play

three reasons you like being apat?

My teammates (family) -Competitiveness -The fact that I spent time with best friends for a couple more hours

How do your teammates make practice  fun?

We try to compete against each other but at the same time when something goes wrong we all laugh. We’re family so if someone falls everyone falls laughing.