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How long have you been playing football?

I’ve been playing football since the 2nd grade

What made you want to start playing?

What made me start playing is my dad

Why did you transfer from Bishop Amat?

I transferred from Amat because I felt that I fit in better here at La Serna

As a captain, what roles do you have?

As a captain, I have to be a leader and a good role model to my team

Do you have a game ritual?

I always pray right before a game

What are the struggles of being a student athlete?

My struggles of being a student athlete is being motivated to do my best in both football and school, it would be easier to focus on just one

What are your best memories from playing here?

My best memory would probably be getting pulled up to varsity sophomore year and almost winning CIF

What do you like to eat before a game?

I like to eat blaze pizza

Do you think you and your team will make it to CIF, why or why not?

I feel we’ll make it to CIF because I feel that we get better each and every game