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Girls Varsity Golf · Player Interview: Kamryn Beggs

What grade are you in?

“I’m a Junior.”

When did you start playing golf?

“About a little over a year ago.”

Why did you start playing?

“I wanted to do something new/different.”

Do you wish you started playing earlier?


Have you played any other sports? If so which one(s)?

“Yes, I played soccer for about  12 years.”

What is your goal for golf this year?

“My goal is to improve myself so I can get better for next year.”

How will you achieve it?

“Just by practicing a lot more.”

What is your greatest strength? (Driving or Putting)

“Definitely putting.”

What is your weakness?

Driving is probably my weakness.”

What was your greatest accomplishment as an athlete?

“Probably trying a completely different sport and getting to make the team.”

How do you handle stress and pressure?

“I handle stress and pressure by just not thinking about it because if I think about it, it just makes it  worse.”