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Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Jv Tennis Coach Interview

How long have you been a coach at La Serna?

I’m in my 4th year of coaching at La Serna.

Do you coach any other sports besides tennis?

I’ve coached other sports (baseball, football, basketball,
But since 2013 my focus has been on Coaching Tennis.

What is your role as head coach?

To identify talent, player development, get them ready
To compete.

Who are some key players on the 2017-18 team?

We’ve had solid play from our starters; Our subs are contributing also, and working on improving their games.

What is the most challenging part about coaching a team?

Getting players to buy into the Coach’s philosophy. Also,
Getting them to play & train during their off-season.

What is the best part about coaching?

Watching the players develop, improve their skills set,
Then applying what they learned during competition. It’s
Rewarding to see.

What are your expectations on the upcoming season?
To continue player development, have good match performances,
And win the Del Rio League title.

Do you enjoy coaching?

It’s not always easy, you go thru some ups and downs,
But for the most part, yes I enjoy coaching.

Did you play tennis yourself?

Yes, I’ve played at the Junior level, 4 years of Varsity
In High School, and a couple of years in college.
I still practice weekly, and play USTA league to Tournaments
When I’m not coaching.

What led you to become a coach?

I never set out to coach, sort of discover it as an adult.
I started as an Assistant helping out my own Coach with his Tennis camps a few years back,
And the desire to teach Tennis grew from there.

Was coaching your first career choice?

I never set out to become a coach, but when I was between
Jobs a while back, seemed like a good choice to pass on
My knowledge and experiences with the game to others.

What do you do to make sure your team is in the best shape for the upcoming seasons?

We do conditioning daily; We also have a 6-week camp during the
Summer. My focus is always on technique, footwork, developing
Good hand-eye speed and quick reflex.

What is your best memory in coaching?

Winning a couple of Junior Team Tennis sectional championships
Was pretty special. Watching your players develop, grow, and
Succeed is always special.

Why do you feel you are the best person for this job?

I feel like I have a good combination of playing and teaching
Experience, that allows me to coach and connect with the players.

What makes your team stand out from others?

Our desire to compete, to leave it all out there on every match.