Boys Junior Varsity Swimming, Boys Varsity Swimming · PLAYER INTERVIEW: Sebastian Blythe

1. How long have you been swimming?

Since freshman year.

2. Do you swim for any clubs?

No I do not. 

3. Do you have any medals?

No I do not. 

4. How many events do you compete in?

Im in four events. 

5. What are your goals for this season?

Get faster at swimming. 

6. Who is your team’s toughest opponent?

Sonora is  our toughest opponent. 

7. How do you mentally prepare for your meets?

I prepare by listening to music. 

8. What is your favorite stroke?

Freestyles is my favorite stroke.

9. What is your fastest time?

For the 100 free I got 7 seconds.

10. How often do you practice?

5 days a week Monday through Friday.

11. Who are your major influence that drive you through the water and keeps you going?

Ryan Sealhorst. 

12. What is the hardest part about swimming on this team?

Nothing really hard about swim.

13. What is it like standing behind the block getting ready for your race? 

Nerve racking trying not to mess  up. 

14. What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome throughout your years of being an athlete? 

Getting back in shape after not playing for awhile. 

15. Do you plan on swimming in college?

No I don’t plan on it.