Multiple Teams · Coach Interview – Boys Varsity Wrestling


  • How do you feel about this upcoming season?


I feel great about this season we have couple of Seniors that can go

to state, and get us a league title.


  • Do you have any new players this season that  will impact the team?


Not going to say new but i’m going to say returning seniors.


  • What are your goals this season?


To get a league championship and have  a few guys make CIF and

advance from there.


  • Have you ever coached club and so how long?


Yes i have and for 7 years and i did club myself.


  • Do you try to recruit any boys and on campus to play on your teams?


Yes, we do ,we have boys that play football and we ask them to get

big boys from there, and we have our wrestlers to ask people on

campus if they would like to join.


  • How long have you been coaching?


3 years at La Serna High School.


  • What made you interested in coaching for La Serna’s Wrestling team?


Coach Romero asked me if I could help coach.


  • You lost a lot of talented seniors last season ; this season do you have the players to lead you to win league and do well in CIF, and masters and state?


3 seniors have a great chance.


  • What personal experiences do you have with Wrestling?


I did club for Coach Romero as a kid and I wrestled at La Habra High

School and I went to McKinley and wrestled.


  • Are there specific meet or tournament are  you looking forward to playing this season?


Cal High and Santa Fe , and the tournament in Huntington Beach


  • What’s your favorite part  of coaching?


Coaching the kids technique .


  • What part of your teams play do you feel is their strong suit?


Taking down and their throws


  • What is your favorite part about your team?


The dedication and heart


  • As a coach what do you look for in your players?


Dedication and Heart and commitment


  • What do you feel you team might struggle with this season, and do you think they can overcome it?


Technique, but it’s my job to coach them.