• How long have you been wrestling?


I’ve wrestled for 3 years.  


  • What are your goals for this season ?


Goals for this season are to bring as many people as we can to CIF


  • Which match are you looking forward to the most ?


I’m looking forward to the CAL match


  • What is your favorite takedown?


My favorite takedown is the double leg.


  • How do you feel when your team wins?


When my team wins it feels great because we know all the  hard work we’ve put  in has paid off.

      How do you prepare for a match?

To prepare for a match I go over everything I know how to do in my head and mentally get focused on the match.


  • What skills are needed to to play your sport ?


Some skills required for the sport are endurance, speed, and ability to perform under pressure.


  • What is your favorite part about playing on your team ?


My favorite part of being on my team is going out and competing with them and coming home feeling accomplished.  


  • How is this year’s season different from the last ?


This years season is very different we’ve come along way, we’re stronger, more focused and have a winning mindset.

Why did you start playing this sport/ who influenced you?

I started wrestling because I wanted to challenge myself to do something harder than I’ve ever done before.


  • Are you planning on moving on with this sport into college?


If I have the opportunity to wrestle in college I will.


  • What’s the most challenging thing in wrestling ?


The most challenging thing in wrestling is cutting and maintaining your weight.


  • How many hours a week do you practice ?


We practice about 15 hours a week as a team and some people also train on their own .


  • Who do you believe is one of your best and strongest competitors?


We have many strong competitors on our team it depends on their weight.


  • What is your workout routine ?


My workout routine consist of heavy cardiovascular training for endurance and weight strength training.


  • What school do you think will be the toughest to beat this year ?


The toughest school to beat this year has to be Santa Fe.